Your April 8th Has Options – Copley Eclipse Viewing

Mar 26, 2024

Well, my friends, the day draws near, and April 8th has officially made it into the newsletter list of Happenings below with an assortment of eclipse-viewing options!

Check out your choices and start making your plans because some events may have that casual “show up with your chair” kind of vibe, but there are a couple that call for registration.

And in case you’re not following the Copley Township Facebook page, you can also check out this cool article they shared about why you should consider wearing red and/or green if you’re planning to go do a group thing. (It’s called the Purkinje effect and apparently the more people participating, the better!)

Might have to go searching for those Santa hats and St. Paddy’s Day shirts…

Of course, some of us still gotta work or might just be planning to hang out at home, and that’s ok. If that’s the case, you can skip wearing the colors and still commemorate the day by wearing a brand new limited edition Eclipse Tee from 3610 Clothing Company!

And after all is said and done, and the eclipse-chasers who flew in for the event have all flown back home, who knows, maybe we might just get that Bonnie Tyler song out of our heads.


Tour the Emerald Isle!

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