Let There Be Music!

Nothing says "it's Summertime" quite like a calendar full of live music, and this week's calendar is chock-full! By my count, we're looking at SIX opportunities to enjoy a variety of genres coming to The Winery at Wolf Creek, Brighten Brewing Company, and Beau's Market & Deli over the course of this week and next. And that doesn't even include the Celtic Eagle Pipe Band's participation in...

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Yappy Hours Are Back!

Alright, my fellow dog lovers out there, who's ready to get back to packing up the pooch and heading to The Winery at Wolf Creek for a fun, relaxing evening on the hill? (Or patio if you prefer. I just like to double up on creature cuteness with the goats, myself.) Well, in case you missed it, you should know... Tuesday's Yappy Hours are officially back! If you've never been, these are...

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Who Makes Copley Better?

Every community has its helpers - the ones who quietly go about their business, infusing everything they do with the purpose of improving their community along with the lives of their friends and neighbors. And Copley Township is no exception. That's why the Copley Chamber created the Paul Janos Community Impact Award in 2022, inspired by the man who was President of the Board of Directors...

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Have You Met Our Members?

I'm quite sure I've said this before, but one of the many things that makes me very happy about my job is the diversity of the businesses that I have the privilege of working with through the Copley Chamber. Take, for instance, the list of businesses in this week's shoutouts. Pictured above, from left to right (first top row, then bottom) we have: Cravener | Holmes Creative - graphic design...

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‘Round Town Happenings

This is appears to be the perfect week for township-style To Dos courtesy of Copley High School's Spring musical, Legally Blonde, and Copley Township's Arbor Day events! Check out the list of Happenings below for days and times, then find the link for the Loop Calendar just below that for more information.   Last Call For Reservations This is the last week to save your spot on the Copley...

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Copley’s Kids Are Creative

I don't know if you've caught on to this or not, but we've got some incredibly talented artists in the Copley schools. Every year, the work of various students from each of the five Copley-Fairlawn schools is showcased in the District Art Show, and every year I'm amazed by what these kids can do. From kindergartener finger paintings to high school senior sculptures, they're all awesome! I...

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Recycling Made Easy!

Ok, first off, can we all just collectively agree that regardless of whether you're into sky-gazing or not, that whole eclipse thing was pretty cool? I know that I, for one, was in awe of the eerie transformations occurring all around, and I was particularly grateful to the neighbors who whooped it up when totality hit for confirming it was okay to remove the glasses and admire the sight of...

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The Loop Has a Whole New Home!

We've been busy sharing the news with our members and subscribers over the past several days, and now we're excited to share it with you... The Loop just got a whole new home!! As you hopefully know by now, The Loop has been coming to you courtesy of the Copley Community Chamber of Commerce for a few years. It's been a blissful marriage of community and business support, but keeping up with...

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We Have Some News to Share!

In case you missed our recent Benefits Fair, and in case you're not yet a member of the Copley Community Chamber of Commerce (and therefore receiving member-only emails), you may have missed our big news... We have a brand new logo and a brand new website! For nearly three years, we have maintained two separate websites - one for the chamber to connect with the businesses and one for The Loop...

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Your April 8th Has Options – Copley Eclipse Viewing

Well, my friends, the day draws near, and April 8th has officially made it into the newsletter list of Happenings below with an assortment of eclipse-viewing options! Check out your choices and start making your plans because some events may have that casual "show up with your chair" kind of vibe, but there are a couple that call for registration. And in case you're not following the Copley...

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