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    Oliger Seed Co.
    89 Hanna Parkway, Akron, Ohio 44319, United States

    Business Summary

    The Company was founded by Joseph C. Oliger in the early 1940’s as the J.C. Oliger Seed Company. Joe Oliger began his career in the 1930’s for a farm & field seed company in Toledo, Ohio. His early duties included trips to Europe to assess crops. He eventually opened a branch for that same company in Akron, Ohio. When the parent company decided to leave Akron, Joe, with their blessing, opted to remain and open the J.C. Oliger Company on Cherry Street in downtown Akron. The Company moved to Wingate Avenue in Akron in 1957 and opened up at our current location in 1986. Additional warehouse space was added in 2003. The Oliger Seed Company was incorporated in 1960, the same year that Joe’s nephew, Bob Oliger, was hired as the bookkeeper. Bob would learn the ropes and years later take over management and co-ownership of the company, further developing the company’s high standards for its products. The late 1950’s and early 60’s brought the introduction of “Merion” Kentucky Bluegrass and the early 70’s heralded in “Pennfine” and “Manhattan” Perennial Ryes. These developments began the search for varieties to meet the demanding needs of sports, ornamental and residential users. Extensive R & D of turf grass varieties, documented by university and independent testing, have been ongoing ever since. Our goal has always been to distinguish ourselves from other vendors by staying on the cutting edge of the latest developments; picking and choosing ever improving seed varieties that will best meet our customer’s expectations. The 60’s and 70’s also saw the birth of the bird feeding industry as we now know it. The Oliger Company was among the pioneers in developing many specialized wild bird food mixes, and we continue to have some of the most popular mixes on the market. Today we continue to follow the same practices that Joe learned so many years ago; provide the best quality product at a fair price and gain a following of loyal customers. We look forward to being able to serve you. Thank you for your continued support!
    Contact: Mark Laube, President
    Phone: (330) 724-1266