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Leverage Up, LLC

Business Summary

What’s the point of a good profile if no one sees it? How do I become more visible here? How do I start creating really good content on LinkedIn? These are all problems I help with. It boils down to standing out and making the best use of your time here. My strategy for growing and doing business on this platform is made up of 3 parts: Profile Engagement Content There is a link between each part of that triangle and once you’re successful in one part, you need the other two for a good balance. I work with my clients to maximize the benefits of LinkedIn in the fastest way possible, getting the fundamentals down - for my 1 on 1 clients that's just 6 weeks, then there's the option to work together longer. I help my clients brand themselves here without being salesy or spammy. I love sharing the knowledge, having grown my network on LinkedIn independently. I started Leverage Up to help others. I help people understand the value of creating an “all star” LinkedIn profile, being more visible with the people that they want to do business with AND how to create the right content to get their attention on this platform.
Contact: Deanna Russo, Owner, CEO, LinkedIn Strategist and Coach
Phone: (716) 997-1488